The creators of Food Lovers App took the initiative to launch a local app for the Prague city to make finding your favorite food truck easier than ever. Some of the best trucks can be found in the most unlikely places, they are at community events, parked on a side street downtown, in a random business park or right in front of your doctor’s office.

Food Lovers App is here to help make sure you know exactly when and where to make a dash for a dish to satisfy even your most intense craving. We cater to both Food Lovers and Food Truckers in the Prague city, bringing ease to the exploration of new foods and the joy of finding them again and again. Our app strives to keep things simple, providing a list of all active food trucks in the area arranged in order of proximity to your current location. The list will update in real time as the trucks log their location in the app and set how long they will remain there so you will know exactly what time to take your lunch or make you dinner plans.

Let's enjoy great food in Prague!


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